Would it make sense for me to hire an SEO freelancer? : SEO

Let me give you some context. I’m building an info product business. At this point, it’s just a blog because I don’t sell anything yet.

I write great content and my copy is good. I know this because I’ve posted on forums before. People like my stuff and my email opt-in rates are high.

Thing is, I can’t keep posting on those forums. I didn’t realize there were rules again self promotion, don’t wanna get banned.

So I’m looking towards ranking for long tail keywords. But I HATE SEO! It’s a whole new skillset to learn. And I feel like I don’t have time to master it. I wish I had a magic list of keywords that I knew would generate traffic. And I could write all my content based on that.

I’ve checked fiverr. A lot of promises of organic traffic, but reviews reveal it to be bots with no opt-ins or conversions.

What I’m looking for… a list of keywords that I know will generate traffic… Does that service exist? How do I find a legit SEO expert vs someone just sending 6,000 bots a month to my site?

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