What does Tiktok do if they find out that a user is a minor? : socialmedia

I know this is probably a dumb question to be asking on Reddit but I couldn’t find a clear answer anywhere else. There seems to be a lot of kids under 12 on TikTok that blatantly say that they are underage, yet their accounts are still up. It states in their TOS that you need to be over 13 to make an account.

I’ve heard that there is a “restricted mode” for teens/kids but it seems to only be used if a parent enables it. On the same note, TikTok will supposedly “take action” if a user is under 13, but only if a parent reports it.

So what exactly does TikTok do if they themselves find out that you are a minor, without anyone reporting it? I’d assume that they don’t do anything until the account is reported due to the sheer amount of minors on this app, even after the whole COPPA ordeal.

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