What are the most undeserved social media/gaming platform bans you have either heard of or encountered? : socialmedia

I haven’t been banned from many places, but long ago, there was an art community called Sheezyart. I created an account about a month before my 13th birthday (the minimum age on the TOS) and was banned until that birthday happened, and things were great. Logged on almost every day.

But then 2 years later, I got ANOTHER ban for being underage. I contacted the mods from a secondary account, who said they would reinstate my account if I could show them a photo ID as proof of my age.

As I live in the United States, I couldn’t have a drivers’ license until at least the next year, so I sent a scan of my High School ID. The moderator said he couldn’t accept this, and if I could not provide a government issued ID, I would need to provide my social security card or birth certificate. I responded with a simple “How many 12 year olds do you know that attend high school in the United states?”

I didn’t get a response, but about 30 minutes later, main account’s ban was lifted.

Has anyone else heard of any weird experiences like this?

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