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Hi, I’m faced with a major hindrance that seems to prevent any growth at all. I don’t exactly know what’s causing it, but here’s an outline of the things I’ve noticed

  1. My Tumblr posts would sometimes not show up in a tag search, or disappear from the tag search after getting a few likes. My posts don’t seem to appear in the feed of people who follow any of the tags on the posts.

  2. My Instagram posts do appear in tag searches, but never in the feed of anyone who follows the tag, or the “magnifying glass” explore feed.

My tumblr account was made last year and was not used much for 9 months or so until I started maintaining it earlier this year. My Instagram account was created in January. Most of my posts are my artworks. I don’t have any bad habits or inappropriate behaviours online or offline. I post regularly on both since January, interact sometimes with people in the same fandoms (they reply as well), like and the usual stuff everybody does. I never come close to doing anything against the rules.

Please help analyse the situation. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

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