SEO On-Air: How SEO Fits Into a Larger Digital Media Engagement?

Hello everyone, welcome to another episode of SEO On-Air. Imagine you put up a great blog post, and you get some wonderful referral links, tons of traffic, and the average time on site is also high. But, you feel something is missing, i.e., the engagement. Today, we are going to discuss ways to increase engagement on your site. 

To speak more about this, we have Mr. John Krochune, VP of SEO at AMP Agency-a full-service marketing agency. He has over 17 years of experience in helping brands increase traffic to their websites. Welcome to the show, John. 


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Q. What role can an SEO play to bring better engagement to a website?

SEO, to me, is understanding what the audience is looking for, and how do you best satisfy their questions. That’s how you engage the audience and bring them to your site to meet your ultimate conversion goals. 

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What are the key principles that we can follow to increase the CTR? 

  • If Google has deemed a page most relevant to a given query, it will get the maximum CTR.
  • To improve your CTR, you can test out some modifications to your title tag using the target keywords in the beginning and add a CTA towards the end. It’s one of those things where you have to examine the search results page rather than working in your spreadsheets.

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Q. What quality guidelines a blogger should keep in mind to get quality natural backlinks?

Your content should be engaging and informative that will help you to get natural backlinks.

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Q. What is the relationship of metrics like bounce rate and dwell time when it comes to users’ intent?

  • I think there’s a notion that Google wants to provide users a great experience.
  • There’s this idea that if you have a page where users come and bounce back immediately, it gives a negative signal to Google, especially when the bounce rate is as high as 80%. 
  • So, therefore, these quality metrics like bounce rate and dwell time matters.

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Q. Can you take you through one of your best moments in terms of SEO?

  • I started my career at IProspect. The first few months were like drinking from a fire hose. It was kind of understanding it all.
  • It was the time when there were no tools, not even the keyword planner.
  • At that time, the big aha moment was that we were researching keywords, and there’s only so much we could do as we do today. 
  • If you wanted to rank for something back then, you needed to optimize a page for a keyword, and you could use exact-match external links, etc.

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Q. How to write long-form content that’s engaging as well as not very overwhelming to the users?

  • People expect videos these days for all the how-to tutorials, but they can also be used in long-form content where the demonstration can be provided step by step.
  • But, to me, video content works better than other forms of content. Videos give more context to the information on a page.

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Q. Chat you explain the future of chatbots in relation to audience engagement on a page? 

  • Interacting with chatbots is sometimes a frustrating experience, but it will get better with time, hopefully. 
  • Based on the questions people ask, you can put chats into different funnels in the future and help people to stay engaged with brands. 
  • But chatbots need improvement from where it stands now.

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