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Hey Everyone,

I went through the posts and got a lot of ideas but I still wanted to see if there is more to learn.

Recently started a job as a Digital Media Specialist for a Smart Home products start-up. I was initially doing graphic design work, UI, packaging design and what not. Now I have been asked to run the Social Media Channels as well. The accounts have literally ZERO followers. I have no idea where to start, and I am expected to hit 1k followers by the end of Q1 on IG and 5K on FB.

We go live today, and I have the first post ready with captions and hashtags. Moving forward what would you recommend I do, in order to grow the account. I did start an Udemy course to learn more that I will be doing this weekend. Thank You.

Tl;DR – Job asked me to run social media channel with 0 followers and grow to 1k followers on IG.

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