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Hello everybody! I have been trying to solve this issue for about two months now with no luck so I was hoping that one of you guys would know what’s going on! I redesigned and build a new site for the company I am working for back in November. I moved the old site to a different domain ( to and made the new website under the original website name ( From the time that I relaunched the new site, the impressions from google have dropped dramatically (I am talking from 2,800+ a day down to only a few hundred a day) even though the click-through rate has increased. Back when it was first launched I made the mistake that the first few days that the website was online, it was under a no-index from search engines which I assumed what the main problem was, but I am still not seeing the traffic where it should be. I have tried reindexing, using 301 redirects, and other things but nothing has worked so far. What should I try next?

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