7 Tips to Start a Career in Digital Marketing

7 Tips to Start a Career in Digital Marketing

7 Tips to Start a Career in Digital Marketing

by Adam

Digital marketing is a rapidly growing industry. It’s also one that offers many career opportunities to people with different skill sets, from digital marketers to digital advertising specialists. 

Ever wondered why advertising is important? It is the medium that connects brands with customers. And it offers plenty of opportunities for those who want to be involved which means a lot of people are interested in this career field.

That said, digital marketing can be a difficult field to find information about and you might wonder how to start a digital marketing career. In this blog post, we will cover 7 simple tips on how anyone can get started with digital marketing and land their first job!

What is digital marketing?

First, let’s quickly cover what this is all about. Digital marketing is digital communication with your customers to promote products or services. It’s using digital technology and the internet as a platform for building relationships between companies, organizations, brands, and their target audience over time to achieve goals like brand awareness and increased sales.

You can find digital marketers in almost every company nowadays. As mentioned before, it’s a fast-growing industry of the future. TV, billboard, and radio advertisements will become less and less important as the internet is where all the attention is.

Many digital marketers start out with a degree in marketing, economics, or IT. But you don’t have to be an expert on those topics from the beginning as digital is also about creativity and innovation- which could be your thing if you’re not good at math or logical thinking. You can learn most of it by yourself if you are keen.

Let’s dive into our tips to start a career in digital marketing:

Become A Social Media Expert

The digital world and its marketing are all about social media. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter are the main platforms to reach out to your target group – which you can define based on age, interests, or location. And don’t forget about YouTube, it’s also important for advertising and marketing.

Social media is where most of the magic happens. The first step is to understand and use all the platforms, especially Facebook and Instagram, to be able to excel in social media marketing.

Learn About SEO

SEO, Search Engine Optimization, is the art of climbing up in the digital world. Search engines offer you a chance to be on top by optimizing your digital footprint so that users find your brand/website easily when using Google.

It’s not just about having an appealing website with beautiful pictures. SEO is about making sure the technical, on-page, and off-page factors of your site are dialed in. While it seems like a confusing field with all the technical terms, essentially SEO is about answering the questions of your customers. Optimizing your pages for certain keywords is the answer to ranking high on search engines. That is the first step of marketing – know about SEO and get your own or your client’s web page on top of the list!

Have Your Own Website or Blog

If you don’t have a digital presence, then your digital marketing career will be difficult to pull off. You need to know about blogging. It is the foundation to create an audience for any business or brand as well as holding the potential of finding new clients.

Bloggers are those who write content on their website/blog and make them available for the public. Blogs are also an SEO tool. They are crucial to digital marketing because they can be used for creating brand awareness, product/service promotion, and getting your voice heard. Your own page will be your portfolio for potential clients and employers. 

Get into Google Ads

If you know how digital marketing works, then building your career in Google ads will be an easier task. It is a free platform where businesses can buy digital advertisements on search engines and Youtube to promote their products/services among users who are searching for relevant keywords related to the product or service they offer.

Google Ads jobs entail working with clients directly and this can be your first step into the job market.

Try To Get An Internship

There are digital marketing internships that students can apply to and if you put in a good performance, it is possible for companies and organizations to hire you as an employee after graduation. This will be your first career step in a position where experience at work is not required but you can learn a lot about actual marketing in the internship period.

Working in digital marketing without any professional experience may prove difficult, even if you want to become a freelancer in the end. Having an internship not only benefits you personally and professionally but also your CV!

Be Up-To-Date

After you have finished school, digital marketing is constantly changing. New social media networks are popping up every year and new digital techniques are being developed all the time. You should make sure to update your knowledge regularly in order to stay on top of it!

There are many online courses available where digital marketers can learn their trade and exchange knowledge with others.

Learn To Use Tools

The digital marketer must make sure to use the tools available correctly and efficiently. The most important ones are Google Analytics, Adwords, AdSense, Facebook Ads Manager, and WordPress for your own blog. Additionally, it’s helpful to learn the SEO tools as well.

Learn how they work from professionals or take a course that will teach you everything about them! In order to be good at digital marketing, you can use tools to help you and make your job easier.

So all in all digital marketing might seem confusing and hard to do when getting into it. However, with a little research and study from courses or professionals, you can quickly learn how digital marketing works! Make sure that you use tools and learn how to read data correctly because they are very important for marketers. Dive into social media and learn to interact with (potential) clients and start your digital marketing career the right way!

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