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    Hey all,

    We’re having an issue with display ads on GDN and video on YouTube, and I wonder if anyone else has experienced this or has any insights. I’ve spoken to Google Ads support and for some reason the guy I spoke to seems to have no idea what I’m talking about.

    We’re targeting the Google life events audience for business creation (recently started a business, and starting a business soon). Language is set as English, and location is set as UK (people in UK, not people in or interested in UK, as I realise that’s a common error).

    When we look at the ‘where ads showed’ tab under Placements within Google Ads, about 80% of the sites are non-English language. When we did the same with our video ads on YouTube, it was the same issue, but this time closer to 90% of the impressions were served on non-English videos and channels. And the weird thing is that ALL of the languages are either Slavic or Asian. Not a single Spanish, German, Italian, French etc. placement.

    Of course not everybody in the UK speaks English exclusively, but this is very weird and I cannot understand it at all. I’ve also checked the google analytics report and the traffic does definitely appear to be coming from the UK. Our max CPC and CPV bids are almost 5x the amount we were paying, so it’s not like we’re lowballing the auction.

    Any ideas you guys might have would be much appreciated! Thanks

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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