Would you trust an SEO who built their website with Wix?

Forum White Hat SEO Would you trust an SEO who built their website with Wix?

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    I have seen some SEOs using Wix. I personally found many challenges using Wix for clients and I avoid it.


    WIX is terrible as I’ve used it for SEO before but the client doesn’t care. They just want results.


    As a client I likely would take the time to check if the site looks and feels good.

    However, every time an SEO unironically uses Wix a kitten dies.


    I wouldnt automatically disqualify them as many seos work entirely off word of mouth and referrals and dont need to rank well. Seos are not necessarily web designers either. That said putting together a wordpress site shouldn’t be a huge issue so I’d question why they use wix


    WIX is not that much user friendly as WordPress i first developed on WIX faced many difficulties then i shifted to WORDPRESS


    Short answer is “no”, imo.


    Wix is far to restrictive for in dept SEO. The more I learn about SEO the more I realise how many people claim to be SEO experts without having any sort of in-dept knowledge of how search engines index. The best way to know of their SEO is good is to ask for a website they’ve worked on before and see how easily you can find it online without the name of the business. Also make sure they use private browsing when showing you their supposed SEO as Google will rank a website higher for an individual if they have accessed it a lot.


    I would not, but what I think doesn’t really matter. The clients have no idea, and most SEO people lie and swindle them. So if the site looks OK, they will get business.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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