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    Hey Guys,

    I’m a small business owner and have a locally optimized website. All my clients are within a 5 mile radius of me.

    Recently I’ve been getting an insane amount of spam mail from India and Pakistan- mostly people just using my website’s contact form. At least 1-2 visitors a day from those countries that open the site, leave a message or call me, and bounce.

    I know I can ban certain countries from my website, but I’m wondering if that would affect SEO. Does Google care if a website is set to US+Canada only? I could also maybe make a separate homepage just for india/pakistan with a fake contact form and phone number on it..

    Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.


    Won’t hurt, and will definitely cut down on spam.


    Don’t block Mountain View California.


    Yeah I need the answer for this too.


    Well, in my view you could rather add a ReCaptcha and also use the honeypot technique to reduce spam significantly.

    I believe the spam mails from India and Pakistan are generated by bots, and using a honeypot, the bots cannot complete the form.

    Doing that is more efficient than banning certain countries afaik.


    You will need to manually whitelist the Google and Bing bots, also if you’re running Google ads you may get a “page not accessible” error bc of a crawler being unable to connect. This has been an issue with one of my client’s sites that we have set up with country-specific security.


    If they are spamming your contact box then they are probably trying to brute force hack your site too.

    I recommend adding security to your site.


    – Use captcha for contact form.
    – Yes you can ban if you don’t target those countries. Use cloudflare. Set a seperate page informing we don’t service your country.
    – also set target country to your’s inside google search console.


    It certainly will in those countries


    Same. Once a guy send me a link to a youtube video talking about “Leftist Propaganda”

    I am not even American ~.~


    I have blocked some countries which I don’t want. Spammy comments and irrelevant audience is kinda annoying problem for me as well.

    Now even search engine bot, who comes from Nigeria or Pakistan will be blocked- that’s great, coz I even don’t want my website to rank on these countries.


    No it won’t affect your SEO, if you ban some countries.


    Do you already have Captcha on your contact form? That’s solved my similar problems in the past


    I wouldn’t ban them from the site entirely, as that might inadvertently block some bots that actually want to help your site get indexed somewhere. Perhaps a more targeted approach would be better. I know I have a chat widget that was getting spammed on a site. Had a programmer write me some custom code so now that widget only appears to people in the USA and Canada.


    Set a different email address for contact box for those countries

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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