Why you should update old content (Part5)

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    **The ninth. Index your website more often by optimizing it**

    [Your website](https://www.marketingwealthapex.com/types-of-search-engine-advertising-and-how-you-can-use-them/) will benefit overall as you improve the content you have published, as opposed to just the articles you have updated.

    This is because Google tracks the most recent updates to your entire site.

    As a result, Google can use this to determine when to crawl your site.

    Consider a simple, three-page website, for example, for a local law firm, versus one that is a news site like The Huffington Post.

    Become more frequent with HuffPo’s hourly updates through Google.

    Google recognizes that there is no new content on the site every time it crawls it, so the law firm site will get updated every few weeks (or less).

    By updating old content, you can get Google to crawl your site more frequently without needing to publish more often.

    The more Google crawls your site, the more likely your most recent information will show up in search results after publishing, which gives you an advantage in your search engine results rankings.

    **The 10th. Keyword optimization is important**

    When you published your original post, you may have failed to do enough keyword research, or you may have used the wrong technique.

    It’s possible to discover your old content is actually performing better than you anticipated in search results.

    Take proactive steps to improve the keyword focus of your pieces instead of just leaving it as it is and hoping for the best.


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