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    **Five. Make your site more fresh**

    [Fresh sites rank higher](https://www.marketingwealthapex.com/keyword-synonym-rank-higher-in-google/).

    Sites that post new content frequently will be given a higher ranking by Google.

    Ultimately, abandoned sites that are no longer updated do not rank well, even if the articles are of great value.

    A site that isn’t updated recently will hurt the rankings of all its pages if Google notices it.

    By revitalizing this old content, you can dramatically increase your traffic. Your entire site can be validated through a few updates on key articles.

    Google will boost your ranking for every new piece of content on your website, since Google recognizes fresh content.

    Even if an article isn’t correct, Google will interpret it as giving the entire site a higher value, so if you publish a lot, your rankings will improve.

    **Sixth. Remove broken links to add value**

    A common problem with old content is broken links.

    It is often the case that the helpful resources you linked to in the original article are no longer available. There may be a problem with the website or it might have changed URLs.

    In both cases, you suffer a drop in Google rankings, as well as a drop in search engine results.

    You don’t have to worry about fixing your broken links.

    Here are two free tools you can use to achieve this. Broken Link Checker is an online tool.

    Fill out the URL for your domain there. You can then click “Find broken links.”

    Click “Find broken links” and enter the security code when prompted.Click the “” button.

    Any links found will be notified to you after a couple of minutes. Those need to be repaired.

    Broken Link Checker for Google Chrome is the second tool I recommend. You can install it on your Chrome browser for free.

    On the plugin page, click “+ Add to Chrome” to download it into Chrome.

    Choose “Add extension” when prompted by Chrome.

    Your browser’s header bar will feature a small icon created by this procedure.

    To use the tool, just navigate to the post you’d like to check and click on the icon. It will display a small box on top of the page.

    By using this tool, you will be able to locate broken links. Various types of links will be shown, including those that are working and those that aren’t.

    The green highlights indicate that the links are working correctly. A pink indicator will appear on each link that is missing or that leads to a 404 page.

    In order to repair a broken link, you need to find the original page you linked to and see how it may be published in other ways. Improving things in this way is the easiest thing you can do.

    Taking more drastic measures is necessary if the article is truly offline. Look for another quality resource to link to instead of the other resource.

    For those who cannot find the link and don’t find anything similar, you may wish to just delete it. An inactive link is preferable to a dead one.

    Your page will be considered more valuable to Google if you fix or remove broken links.

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