Why you should update old content (Part2.)

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    **The third one. Make sure your content is fresh by showing it to Google**

    [Content that is fresh](https://www.marketingwealthapex.com/traditional-marketing-vs-digital-marketing/) is a Google favorite.

    For topics that are updated frequently, recently published content gets higher rankings.

    You’re losing out on a significant part of your audience if you’re only publishing new content. Google’s search engine rankings will slowly kill off your old pieces.

    This content can be revived instead. You can easily double your traffic by updating your content.

    Simply save an update in WordPress or create a publication date. Search engine traffic will increase after Google crawls your site again.

    Ahrefs saw an increase in views and visits after launching evergreen content instead of content that quickly became outdated.

    Similarly, you can make your content more engaging. When you keep it fresh, your articles will rank higher on Google.

    Having fresh content is an easy way to improve your rankings.

    **Four. Make your content more accurate**

    Ultimately, Google updates are designed to improve the user experience.

    You’ll see success with Google’s various algorithm changes and the continuing refinement of their ranking factors if you design your site to make it easy for users.

    If you update your content to provide new information or updated content, your content will be more useful and helpful for your visitors.

    Google provides a response to the original Gizmodo article about Google abusing its power.

    This helps the reader understand the article better, makes it more accurate, and improves its overall value.

    It’s still possible to implement the same strategies if you’re not publishing a news site – or if your audience is too small to receive a personal response from Google.

    In order to accomplish this, you should find new and updated information about the topic you’re writing about and include it.

    You can use an update as a way to indicate you’ve improved the article by noting that you have added this content. Like Gizmodo, this is an excellent way to indicate that you’ve been through the article to improve the content.

    Look forward to seeing your rankings climb as you build more valuable resources.


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