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    Would you like to [improve your ranking](https://www.marketingwealthapex.com/what-is-content-writing/) on Google and other search engines?

    You can skyrocket your rankings without a lot of added effort with a certain strategy.

    Your content may continue to be written and produced. However, this is a lengthy and complicated process.

    You can update your old content instead. It requires less work and produces faster results.

    It is one of the factors Google uses to determine the quality of your site, which is how your original content gradually becomes less “fresh.”

    By updating your old content, you can improve your freshness score and enhance your SEO efforts.

    The tiny amount of work required will be well worth the boost you’ll get when Google recognizes your content as new.

    The benefits of updating your content are many.

    **The number one. You can improve your click-through rate by following these tips**

    Google searches for just about any term will typically return links from the past year or so.

    Google results for “best SEO strategies” for example:

    It is worth noting that the oldest of these was published on July 28, 2016, while the newest was published in March of 2017.

    The truth is that for a lot of topics, including SEO, times change quickly. Information that was accurate just a few months ago might be completely different now.

    This isn’t just with a topic like SEO, however. Imagine searching for “best gardening techniques” or “running shoe reviews.”

    Couldn’t you prefer reading something from 2011 over an article from 2010? You would, of course.

    Generally speaking, we tend to click on recent articles, so the click-through rate of an article will increase if you update it.

    You will rank higher in Google’s algorithm if more people click on your content from the search engine results page.

    You’ll make your content more appealing, which will tell Google that you’re a better resource.

    Click-through rates aren’t just influenced by the date.

    Additionally, you can write intriguing headlines or descriptions that grab the attention of the reader. Maintaining a strong position in Google’s search results is important.

    Convince and Convert recommends making the point clear and keeping secrecy to create a click-worthy headline.

    In order for your visitors to read the full title in the search engine results, your headline should also be around eight words or 70 characters long.

    You do not want the reader to leave your content immediately after clicking through to it. Search results are influenced, in part, by how valuable people find your page.

    By telling a story with descriptions, or allowing your readers to see things from your perspective, you can use this to your advantage.

    You will gain higher search engine rankings by updating your content.

    **Secondly, Correct spelling and grammar errors**

    The feeling is universal.

    A cringe-worthy spelling mistake appears in an old post we wrote months or even years ago.

    Spend some time correcting the errors rather than ignoring them and hoping for the best.

    It’s still important to consider spelling and grammar regardless, according to Matt Cutts, a former Google anti-spam team chief.

    It is either directly or indirectly detrimental to your rankings if your grammar and spelling are poor.

    [The traffic on that page](https://www.marketingwealthapex.com/what-is-lead-generation/) increased by 486% when Ahrefs’ Tim Soulo made minor corrections (mostly spelling and grammar errors) to an old post.

    In fairness, he did more than correct spelling and grammar errors. I will discuss another more relevant keyword in a minute.

    Afterwards, he updated the date to reflect the recently published content, then pushed it to the home page so that it appeared as a new article.

    After fixing a number of small errors, he was able to drive a large amount of new traffic to the page.As a result, his page moved up from #8 to #3 in search engine placement.

    The time has come to fix any mistakes and improve your grammar and spelling.


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