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    Well, I am publishing regular blogs on my sites and my on-page SEO score is 82 still my keywords are not ranking, I’m working on backlinks as well.

    Can someone suggest to me what can I do for my keywords to be ranked?


    Are you Indian?


    Publishing content doesn’t guarantee rankings. It is easier when you target long tail or less competitive phrases, but for the most part you need to make sure you’re working on quality content that satisfies your targets intent. Are you familiar with googles E-A-T? I’d look into that if you don’t. Also make sure the basics like the pages being crawled is taken care of.


    My car is broken so I called the mechanic and asked whether he could fix it. He asked what make and model my car was, but I didn’t tell him.

    In short, OP, you are asking for a solution without giving us any details

    * What’s the domain and how old is it
    * What platform is the site built on
    * What keywords / search terms are you targeting
    * How many pages does your website have? To find this out use **site:** in from of your domain in the address bar, e.g. site:https://[yourdomainhere] and hit enter


    you are creating backlinks but you have to focus the backlinks you are creating is DO-Follow or N0-Follow, If you are creating No-Follow backlinks it will not impact your keyword ranking. To rank your keywords you have to create DO-Follow backlinks.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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