Why is “Target Impression Share Bidding” Not Getting Me Impressions

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    So, we are running an AdWords experiment. We have set the billing strategy to: **Target Impression Share Bidding, Absolute Top & Very Healthy Max CPC.** (Higher than what we have paid for in the past)

    My assumption was that this would mean that our ad would be getting a LOT of impressions. But, its not.

    Only one of the keywords is saying “rarely shown due to low QS”. All the rest are fine.

    **The question I had was:** I would have thought that this set up would get me a whole lot of impressions. But, it seems like I am getting 10% of the impressions that I could get. (Daily my keywords and location targeting would be getting around 1.5k searches according to Google Estimation tools. I am getting only 141 out of those.)

    Any reason why this could be the case and what I can look into?


    How long has the bid strategy been running for and what’s your percentage of impression share lost to budget?


    You’d probably have to factor in your want of showing on the top of the page as well.

    Google will attempt to place your ads in auctions where it shows up at the top of the page, according to the threshhold you set.


    A couple questions:

    * What are the actual settings that you’ve selected for this strategy?

    * Anywhere on results page, top of results page, absolute top?

    * What percentage did you set as your target?

    * Did you set a max bid limit?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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