Why I dont see “conversion” data in facebook ad report.

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    I have created a campaign (messenger) and I did use my conversion (which simply triggers when someone lands in member’s area after sign up – lead generation)

    I was hoping that in report, i will get to see amount spent, result (how many people contacted me on messenger) also, conversion (how many people signed up).
    But i am not seeing any conversion data in report. I tried to look at customize column. I did see lot of column headers but didnt see conversions.
    what do i do?


    You won’t see it on Facebook since you’re using messenger. Conversion events are better of on landing pages. If you’re using a chatbot builder like chatfuel or manychat you can get those data from the softwares themselves.


    With click to messenger ads does it literally only show you clicks on ads or can you see if someone has opened messenger (under the “results” column for example)?


    You can use url tracking here to know where your conversions are coming from just Google url tracking for Facebook ads. If you were using a tool like chatfuel with Facebook ads then this data would have been easy to get


    Yes something like this

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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