Why aren’t my TikToks doing well?

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    I started posting on TikTok a couple days ago and I almost immediately had one video blow up to over 100k views and over 22k likes. It was just a random video that I made bc of a dumb idea and it was incredibly low effort so I was a little confused as to why it’s been so popular but hey I’ll take it. That video gave me a few followers but not a lot by any stretch (it took me from 15 to 50).

    I’ve posted a few more since then and every single video has plateaued at around 200 views with each video getting maybe 30-40 likes. These videos have all followed trends and aren’t low effort/low quality so I’m confused why they aren’t doing well at all.

    Again I only started posting 2 days ago and I know it’s not uncommon for creators to take a little while to take off but I’m serious about being a content creator and I want to know what I need to do to increase views and more importantly engaged, active, followers.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!!


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    Tiktok gives a boost to new accounts, at least it seems that way. Being your first video, that could have been a factor in the high view count. This happened to me, and I got tens of thousands of followers from it, but my view counts on most of my videos are less than 10k with over 114K followers.


    The suggestions below are a bit generalised because i dont know the exact account/videos being used, but you can try them:

    1. check discover tab to see if there are any relevant hashtags you can jump on (make sure its relevant for you ofc)

    2. good music. especially if the beats sync up with whatever youre doing in those videos

    3. try out special effects/ stickers. TT viewers are generally younger

    4. Video effects like slow mo and time lapse work for certain content types like action shots or scenic shots.

    Its hard to give good recommendations without knowing what kind of content creator you are. i imagine the recommendations for a parkour creator would be quite different compared to a lip sync creator.


    Use hot chicks


    TikTok algorithm is very stupid. My videos will get very small amount of views and usually I can see a trend of them stopping gaining any views in 24h period. Usually 1 video will get 200 views per 24h and suddenly 1 video gained 1k views within 1min after posting it and then suddenly stopped. A lot of videos will have 0-10 views.

    Everything is based on your location and country. My country has like 10 people living so my videos will be shown to these 10 ppl and thats about it while some hot chick shaking her tits in California will get 5mil in 1h.

    Its really luck based algorithm as I have seen other accounts which will have exact same content (for example quotes daily) which will have 10k views per video and you would see 1 of them will have like 3mil and then 10-20 of them 10k again and bam, another 5mil etc..

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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