Why am I get getting so much junk traffic from Facebook ads??

Forum White Hat SEO PPC Why am I get getting so much junk traffic from Facebook ads??

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    Hi guys,

    I am honestly confused, I am running what I would consider a decent simple campaign and yet the amount of bounces I get is probably higher than actual visits. It is for a local HVAC company I get 50c-1$ per landing page view.


    Here is the amount of bounces from 3 days:



    The ad is fairly simple video ad:



    And the landing page I think is not ok too nothing special.



    I am concerned that the loading speed is an issue since there are a lot of bounces it doesn’t look great but when I open the page it seems about average. What do you guys see?




    For targetting I am roughly approximating home owners I am doing +10miles around my city with a combination of interests:


    And targetting approximates home owners:



    Home construction

    Home improvements









    Since my ad is very explicit in what it is selling any idea why I would get a huge portion of visits as bounces?

    Thank you in advance.


    Because Facebook’s algorithm is mainly used to drain your bank account, not any sort of useful engagement. Stop.


    Why are you targeting people who like dogs and fishing for a HVAC company?


    What placements are you running?


    Well all of your above the fold content is a wall of text. None of which stands out at first glance. Create an A/B test with your form and offer right below the logo. I guarantee it’ll increase your conversion rates.

    Edit: Looks like you’ve got a decent amount of social proof too. Move all of that directly beneath the form. The way it is now a very small percentage of your traffic will even see it.

    Visible CTA/ social proof/ rest of the details. In that order. This provides an easy way for hot traffic to move forward while building trust with colder traffic before they get into the details.

    I would also add a few more CTA buttons throughout the page so the form is never to far from their reach once they are convinced.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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