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    So as the title says I have a company who wants to offer me a 30 second whiteboard video? My business is [Cctv installation ](https://www.marvelouzteknology.com) majority of my leads/sales comes from google ads. I’m wondering if a whiteboard video and YouTube ads would be beneficial in generating more leads? I need these leads of course to be local(at this moment). Is this a marketing tactic that maybe worth it or should I focus on another area?

    On another note this question maybe better suited in a business or marketing sub but I’ve noticed a couple companies contacting me about doing installations in my area for clients that they’ve acquired. These companies are based on west coast so somehow or another they’re generating national leads and trying to contract jobs out which is a great way of doing things. But I’m in the planning and structuring stage to do something like this, but I guess the first step would be figuring how to generate national leads, and whether to sell them or contract them out..

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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