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    Hello PPC fans & experts of Reddit,

    Trusting your expertise, I wanted to check in to learn which reporting tools you might be using, if you do.

    Is there any tool that you use to automate the reporting on areas such as PPC, organic ranking and more?

    Thank you for your input!


    Have you heard of Google Data Studio? It can be an extremely powerful tool once you get to grips with it and it has native integration with many Google products. For more advanced functionality/integration you can utilise either automatic Google Sheets integration or through a tool such as Supermetrics.


    The thing about reporting/dashboard tools is the more integrations, options, and features, the more complicated and expensive it is. But, each campaign can have unique characteristics, so customizing one column might be very important for it to show value. That being said, here is a list in order from simplest to most complex and price goes with it from my experience (I left out Google Data Studio since it has been mentioned already):
    Tap Clicks,


    [Swydo.com](https://Swydo.com), much easier to set up and use than Google Data Studio or Supermetrics. Has everything you need unless you have to do something very exotic.


    We use [Supermetrics](https://affiliate.supermetrics.com/1026.html) for all our reporting at the agency. Goes into Google Sheets but you could use the Google Data Studio add-on instead.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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