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    We’ve experienced a significant drop-off in visitors since we got our new site (on the same domain). We’ve focused on reclaiming our traffic via SEO, ads, and so on, but we see no improvements. We lost approximately 80% of our traffic from one day to another. This was in May. So far, we’ve been unable to reclaim any of that.

    Any suggestions for how we reclaim our lost traffic is appreciated.


    It seems like your website could be penalized. Go to Search Console and check it there…


    We’d need a lot more information before even attempting to diagnose such an issue as you are stating. Are your competitors also seeing decreased traffic? Have you dropped substantially in rankings for targeted, previously high ranking, keywords? Do you have year over year traffic to compare with? Stuff like that is good for starters.


    Is your site mobile friendly?

    Google are switching sites to mobile first.


    Silly question probably but did the redesign involve renaming any of the filenames – like contact/ to contact-us/. Do you have a tool that will show 404s? If you changed filenames, did you 301 all the old ones to the new ones?


    OK I might be a total Reddit noob – but where did you post your website URL? I cannot diagnose what I cannot see 😉


    What’s your bounce rate? How deep to people go on your site? How long do they stay on the site? Do they return?


    So you built a new site, but didn’t have a migration strategy?

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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