What’s your biggest frustration with social media marketing?

Forum White Hat SEO Social Media What’s your biggest frustration with social media marketing?

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    Just like the title said. Let it all out.


    Woo! Love a good rant. Here we go. I hate that it takes so long to grow your organic following to the first 1,000. I hate these mind games, little tactics of following/engaging CONSTANTLY… It’s also tough finding cross-partners when you’re starting with a brand at 150, and meanwhile the client expects exponential growth right off the bat. Is it wrong to just buy the first 1,000?


    I think that it takes so long to build a group of followers. When trying to get out a business into the world and make profits and advertising, it is extremely frustrating at the rate at which users see your content, let alone have an interest in it.


    Tired of the half naked influencers with a decent sized following getting more screen time instead of the people who actually have consistent and good content. Way to hard to get my work and products out there when I’m overshadowed.


    I hate that there isn’t enough mental health resources for corporate gigs. You want be to be available all the time but don’t want to deal with the emotions that result from it? Smh


    Tired of the owner of my restaurant wanting everything now now now. Restaurant is open 7 days a week from 11am-9pm and I’m expected to be available during those times – even after hours. I even put in for a week vacation and was given all this crap to do at 8pm the night before. And was told that I’d still be expected to work during vacation. (Past my preplanned vacation week posts).

    Maybe not the kind of answer I should have had, but man I needed to vent lol.


    Clients that don’t understand you can’t SELL with every social media post. They don’t understand it’s about growing an audience and engaging with people to make connections. If they want to sell only I tell them do ads only 🙂

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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