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    Would you say that more negative speech (hate speech, racism etc) lies in the comment threads or the actual posts themselves?


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    Definitely comment threads, it’s there that the discussion starts. Just look at YouTube comments and tell me how many hate videos you see uploaded VS how many hate comments are left even on normal videos.


    I also think its about the comments. Most posts imply conversation and usually negative speech is correlated with negative reaction towards something.


    Nice use of lavender in this shapes 🙂


    This is looking at the fruit of the problem, rather than the root.

    The division is a product of polarization that is perpetrated by the algorithms. As it shows you more and more of the things you like, it shows less things (and opinions) you don’t like making everyone overconfident and in some cases zealous. The ad + algorithm business model needs to go.

    It’s rare to see this in small communities. What we have is a scaling problem. And in a most contrarian fashion, “hate speech” in some circles may be applicable in some circles while it is not in others. Rather than an option of authoritarian approach vs non-authoritarian approach, a hybrid system must emerge to connect our communities in a suitable way.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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