What to do if I get a lot of add to carts but no sales yet?

Forum White Hat SEO PPC What to do if I get a lot of add to carts but no sales yet?

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    Keep advertising till I optimize my pixel?


    Ensure your checkout process is streamlined. Offer as may reputable payment providers as possible. Offer free shipping. Check your pricing compare to your competitors. Abandoned cart email flow. Don’t require your customer to create accounts a checkout. Make pricing and shipping clear up front. Perhaps “sticky cart” features to emphasize items are in cart, this is probably frowned upon here, but definitely helped out conversion rate. I’m sure there are others I’m forgetting.

    Also are you getting lots of abandoned carts? Or abandoned checkouts too? Another good trick is to use google analytics and check to see where your sessions are dropping off.


    Personally, I have experienced people are using sneaky tactics. To get the product at discounted rate. Since they already know about your product. That is what make them to choose your site than amazon. Leaving a cart abandon would trigger marketer to run a discounted campaign.

    Only a genuine buyer would go straight purchase flow once he clicked the buy now button.

    In case if your are running re marketing campaign provide discounted offers but without sacrificing your profit margin.


    How much have you spent to date? Any luck with remarketing? What’s your industry? If you do women apparel, you get a crazy ton of ATC with a huge dropout when it comes to actual purchase. Tough industry. I’ll say there is always hope if you get ATC.


    Maybe the price is too high? Hard to say.


    What kind of advertising are you using? If its Facebook and you are optimizing for ATC-s, Facebook does a really good job at finding people who add to cart, but not completing the purchase.

    Otherwise, offer free shipping / make sure there’s no tax included after the customer already clicked on the ATC button, but on the cart page the price is different. Also, have customer reviews at the cart page.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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