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    I’ve hired a freelance SEO copywriter to do several 1,000-word articles for our blog. Upon receiving the work I checked it against Grammarly’s plagiarism checker. Every article has it least some percentage of plagiarism (15%, 10%, 7%, 5%, 4%) according to Grammarly.

    The article topics are pretty narrow, so I’m sure the writer is referencing limited sources to create the content.

    I’m new to content marketing, so I honestly don’t know if these small percentages of plagiarism are normal and acceptable, or is this writer doing a poor job? If these articles are published on our blog could we realistically see any backlash from other companies claiming copywrite infringement?


    If you were taking my information without permission, I’d come after you pretty hard.


    You don’t need a seo copywriter just write your content as you see fit from your gut, use your gut.

    I’ve seen a few copywriters and their SEO isn’t that good just plain average.


    Do the articles use quotes from experts in their field? If they’re exact quotes, that’s where you’re seeing some plagiarism. If this is the case, cite it with a “said expert” and link.


    A few common misconceptions here.

    You run a tool like copyscape to identify the unique content on your site. You want to get to 95% unique on your own site. The other 5% is your menu, footer, etc.

    Ablot of articles today are spun. There is only so many ways 13 tips for roofers can be written. So ppl just take those, use a bot to rewrite them, and put it up. Google is dumb and can’t tell

    I have a process where I identify each page and take 5 minutes to prep 5 pages to send to my content writing team. Costs quarter of a penny per word for me and 5 minutes. So basically more than 35 dollars for a nice lengthy article to get on page 1.

    There is no such thing as duplicate penalty. Esp for local businesses, shit doesn’t hurt you. Just doesn’t help as much as 95% unique.

    If you need help, just PM me.


    If it’s straight-up plagiarism then absolutely NONE.

    But if the article is referencing that article and clearly states so and you’re not taking credit then you’re fine.

    An article that uses quotes or info from other places to help bolster your own argument is just fine as long as the reader gets quality.


    You are fine. Your content will probably be run of the mill nonsense paraphrased from other articles, but yeah. Something is better than nothing and you get what you pay for.

    Ideally you’d want an actual expert in your industry to give their input and optimize that into a blog post. If you are just hiring random SEO copywriters though, they’re going to do what gets the job done.


    grammerly wll show once upon a time as plagiarism . so 10 to 12 percent is okay.


    Trust me if grammarly says 10% it has more. Btw 8% plagiarism is allowed


    35$ too much if it’s not unique


    It’s fine.

    I know how the Google duplicate content detection works (by theorizing how it could work, coming up with tests that would prove it, then testing it.)

    What can not occur is you can not have content that reads strangely because it’s been reworded by software that does synonym replacement.

    That will not fool it because that’s not how it works in the first place.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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