What Facebook ad objective to use if you don’t have Facebook pixel?

Forum White Hat SEO Social Media What Facebook ad objective to use if you don’t have Facebook pixel?

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    One of our partner wanted us to do a Facebook campaign for them to get people to apply to their jobpost. It was first meant to lead to OUR landing page (where we have pixel code) made for this jobpost and we wanted people to arrive to the site, so we set traffic as objective.

    But then the partner decided that they wanted to have their own page as the landing page. We don’t have the chance to put the pixel code into their website.

    I can’t decide what objective should I set now? Can the campaign optimise if the objective is traffic? Or maybe it should be reach?

    (The target audience is quite small – 20.000 with limited budget).

    Thank you!


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    Pixel is ideal, but I would choose traffic since it will optimize for link clicks.


    I would still optimise for traffic, but use a bit.ly or utm (if you have their GA) to track the performance of the ad, since you don’t have a pixel it’ll be hard to attribute clicks (I find Facebook clicks from ad inaccurate at times so I play it safe and also use a link tracker). Hope this helps!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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