What do you think of this 301 redirection tactic?

Forum White Hat SEO What do you think of this 301 redirection tactic?

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    I am doing a big SEO push for one of my money keywords – trying to rank it as fast and effectively as possible.

    I had an idea involving 301 redirection – let me know if you think its a good plan:

    I have a blog page with a monster backlink ($2.6m monthly traffic value, white hat, in my niche). The page is “money keyword + blabla + tips”. The page gets a lot of traffic and is ranked #1 nationally for its target keyword due to the monster backlink.

    I am thinking about copy pasting the content from that blog onto the bottom of my money page, 301 redirecting that blog page to a jump link on my money page to funnel the link juice.

    Thoughts?? How much juice is lost through a 301 redirect? Would it be bad since the blog was for a different search intent? (informational rather than purchase). Could I get burned by the linker for pulling a semi-sketchy tactic?


    In my personal experience, very little link equity is lost with a 301 and I’ve actually seen pages in redirect chains with as many as 3 hops still rank well. As far as the overall strategy, my question would be: Is this experience good for humans? If a user expects content about one thing and is served content that is substantially different then it’s probably not a good idea. But obviously this is just my opinion as an SEO who is anticipating search engines that operate more like humans in the very near future. I’d be interested in the outcome if you choose to pursue this approach.


    Definitely not worth it. I would stay safe with 301 recently. I have over 10+ clients who did well with SEO in the past.

    But recently 301 didn’t work as planned and infact it’s like playing with fire.

    Send me ur details if needed. I can check and let u know if it works or not.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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