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    When you’re managing multiple social media platforms for a client, what are your go-to tools?

    I’ve used Later in the past and have really liked it. I’m always fearful of the dreaded shadow ban, though. What are your thoughts on using Later for platforms like Instagram, Twitter and others?


    I don’t know if Later leaves you at risk for a shadow ban. I used it for Facebook and Instagram. It was super quick and easy to post but had some limitations I wasn’t happy with. I’m with Buffer now and like it a lot better.


    I hear Sprout Social is really good but I’m on Later atm, would also like to know what others use


    Their linkin.bio is totally worth it.

    Limitations for posting exist (eg can’t post multiple pics together in a carousel) – but that’s an API limitation.

    I think they are pretty tight with insta, so i wouldn’t worry much about a shadow ban. (which would also depend on how you used the tool – like a user, or like a spammer)


    I’ve never had a shadowban on Later (or any other scheduling software).


    Later is excellent, they have a lot of great content searching and collecting features as well.

    I usually try to do as much as I can with Facebook Creator Studio, as far as scheduling, and use Later if I need anything beyond it


    Might be different now, but we got a Later licence a few months back because they had the easiest IG story posting process!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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