What do SEO Experts wish their clients understood?

Forum White Hat SEO What do SEO Experts wish their clients understood?

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    SEO is bound to be a complex process, and clients need to be patient with it. It’s often miscommunication, misinterpretation, and misunderstanding of goals and objectives of SEO, leading to failure. Professional digital marketers always study the size and target customers of the company before working on SEO strategies.

    Many times it’s hard to convince clients that the SEO practices that other companies are working, or they have heard about, might not be best for their website. SEO contains different segments, and it’s an ever-growing field, thanks to Google. There’s content marketing, technical SEO, link building, local SEO, international SEO, and more. More often than not, clients don’t know about different kinds of SEO and their use. Only a professional digital marketer can assess your business, your situation, your target market, and the required approach.

    As the name suggests, local SEO is for increasing your presence in your area, city, state, or country, while the international SEO is for beyond national boundaries. A restaurant in Newyork will use local SEO to increase the footfall of customers, but if it wants to expand over boundaries, international SEO is better. There are many more complexities and checkboxes that a professional digital marketer considers before suggesting any approach.




    One time, a client asked me to write seo optimized content for his website (more on on-page only). But he wants the content to be a wall of text, no subheadings, no pictures, no anything. When I tell him the content could be formatted better, he refuses to adjust.

    I just wish sometimes clients let the person they hire do their thing, instead of being too controlling.


    That’s the most complicated thing in the process of SEO with the client. The shortest way to avoid miscommunications and complexities to provide the client a short tutorial for SEO processes (something like SEO for beginners) or write your own “checklist for a client” and use it as a basic document on your desktop with a client.


    I wish everyone understood that you aren’t entitled to traffic. Having a website doesn’t mean you deserve search visibility. Just because search could help drive customers or clients to you doesn’t mean it will, or even that it should.

    I wish everyone understood that search engines are trying to find the best results, and that SEO is an effort, not to trick them, or simply “play by the rules,” but to help you make the best pages — for searchers. What searchers want from a result may not match what you want from search. You don’t “do some SEO” or simply “make pages for your important keywords” and wait for traffic to flow in. You have to understand the engine, sure, but you also have to understand the search audience, because every algo change or SERP update is an effort to better serve searchers.


    Tl;dr I wish clients understood that search isn’t serving them, it is serving searchers.

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