What could be the possible reason for a decrease in DA

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    I keep creating backlinks on new domains, still, my DA went down by 2 points what could be the probable reason.


    Spammy backlinks? Did u buy them?


    The possible reasons for a decrease in DA

    Check backlinks profile; your website might be linked to other websites that have been devalued, so check the spam score of a new domain on which you have created backlinks.


    Why you guys focus on DA? I have seen High authority domain but no traffic. Instead of bothering about DA, focus on content creation and study about your targeted audience “SEARCH INTENT”.


    The links you are creating must have no value or perhaps negative value.


    either backlinks are spammy or they are broken or maybe both. crosscheck the list and you will get the answer


    Links to your website got removed or sites linking to you got themselves links removed

    Anyway, don’t bother about DA. Especially 2 points


    Stop focusing on DA. It doesn’t mean a whole lot. I’ve got competitors with DA 40 who kill it, and some with DA 60-70 who are trending downward in terms of traffic now.

    (I’m a relatively big player in my niche, hence the higher numbers, but if you’re a smaller, newer site you could still apply this – some sites with DA 25 will outperform competitors with DA 35, etc.)


    DA is a third-party metric. Forget it and focus on traffic and arankings.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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