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    i am looking for a good CMS for e-commerce for a possible client. They already use vtex in their main page, but want to launch also in my country, and i wonder what is better for SEO (my main focus, but i won’t say straigh no for this).


    So in your experience what is the best CMS for SEO and also for user experience and user interface.


    The CMS’s i kno:

    Shopify: i think is the best option, it cost 299 a month, but seems to be the most complete, as far as i know.

    Magento: Suposedly has a free tier, but nothing is free, and does not inform of prices for mid-store and upper. And this is not a little local store, is more like a giant store.

    Prestashop: All i know it is open source, but it needs a lot of customization, and i think it could get very complicated and unpleasant to work with. But i’m ignorant that is why i’m asking for help.

    woocommerce: based on wordpress, very straight forward, it could be the best for SEO, because is wordpress after all, but not sure if is the best option for UI and UX.


    Any other sugestion would be apreciated, i have little experience with e-commerce in prestashop, woocommerce and shopify, never worked with vtex or magento.


    Magento is the king of mid-to-large scale eCommerce… Yes, it is complex and maybe extreme for some shops. But so far it’s one of the BEST open-source eCommerce platforms.Although, one issue I have found, it requires a quite powerful hosting service to keep it running smooth and speedy. Which is a big factor for SEO.

    Shopify should do the trick for most users, although you are limited with respect to technical-SEO optimization.




    I really like Shopify, Magento is nice but requires way too much maintenance in comparison. Also, the learning curve is steeper, which means less readily available and competent developers for the platform, so keep that in mind as well.


    Woocommerce and Shopify


    In my experience, Magento is horrible for SEO, but Shopify and WC are fantastic, I’ve never used nor come across Prestashop in any of my clients, past or present.

    How many products do you have?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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