What are the best social growth hacking networks out there?

Forum White Hat SEO What are the best social growth hacking networks out there?

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    I heared there are some secret (or maybe not secret) social networks with a large number of followers where they collide together to promote a (post, channel, product..etc) of their choice and once that is done and the page is getting so many views and clicks it sort of tricks the search engine that the content is viral and therfore the organic rank shoots up .. any idea where or how to find those kind of networks?


    I built like 20k followers in less than 2 years and my situation is relatively unique, but I think some methods I used might still be of use at least on a fundamental level. One thing is to use mystery to your advantage; creating interest is relatively easy, but like so many things; flipping the script or creating a curiosity built on sand but a personality made of gold will make u immortal from a marketing standpoint. I managed to go on hiatus and focus on more in depth production for artists I consider my family and less on my public image for 3 years, and my fanbase is still the same number it was when I left. Another look is to just be generally active in social media outside of your niche. If you like other stuff, talk about in online on a platform like reddit, twitter, Instagram, and then document your or the brands life as much as possible through whatever platforms resonate with your energy the most. Whatever u do, dont ask for money, dont ask me to vote on some dumbass poll, dont try and coerce the audience to engage, make them want to engage, you gotta give them a reason to give a fuck


    Here is the list of the best social growth hacking networks out there.

    **Neal Schaffer**

    **Shane Barker**

    **Lilach Bullock**

    **Mack Collier**

    **Donna Moritz**

    Above these are the top social media growth hacks.


    Everyone wishes to be one of the biggest businesses, with millions of dollars in their annual social media marketing budget. For all this, you need content marketing teams with an incredible assortment of talented people.

    On the other hand, there are fledgling startups with limited media platforms and budgets to pour into social networks. The best part of social media is that it moves at an insane speed. With social media marketing, you need not wait for a long period to see results.

    **So here are 4 social media hacks and strategies.**


    If you spend too much time and resources on a platform that the majority of your audience doesn’t use your marketing efforts won’t yield any good results. Try out to find out about the interest of your audience on each platform.


    People like to get free things and discounts. As a result, coupon codes are quite attractive and have great incentives. For example if you are advertising your e-commerce website on Facebook. Giving a free coupon to those that download your mobile app and make a purchase on your website is a great idea.


    In today’s time the trend is shifting in favor of micro-influencers. These influencers have a more authentic audience. Remember, the number one aim of micro-influencers is to build and maintain an active passionate community. In order to collaborate with them, your brand’s campaign must align with their goals and beliefs.


    Chatbots are able to identify keywords and answer most frequently asked questions about the product/service. The customers get immediate answers to their questions and your brand makes a great impression. Bots give them the answer they’re looking for precisely at the time they are most interested in buying the product or subscribing to the service.

    I hope these hacks will be helpful to you. You can share your experiences with these hacks with us in our comment section.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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