What are some profitable Instagram niches to grow in 2020?

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    Does anyone know the best category or niche to start a new Instagram account in? Currently thinking about making a meme page or a fitness page. Do you guys have any suggestions?


    I think Instagram is too flooded and will be gone by the end of this decade… the question is what’s the new social media to build your business on?


    Fashion, food, and fitness are always good


    There isnt any niches more profitable than the other, its all about what you love and are great at, make that your niche.

    What if i tell you the most profitable niche on IG is disney princess cosplays, would you do that? Exactly.

    Find what YOU love to create, and make that your niche and you will be profitable in the long term, just stay at it consistently


    I’d say look at trending niches on other social media! check out pinterest, whats something interesting people are doing on there. For example putting different fruit and vegetables into water was a big thing on pinterest that people have taken advantage of. Look for growing and trending things on youtube and transport it insta. The point is you have to watch the market just like the stock market. When you see a trending idea,genre, or hashtag with high growth you need to jump on the opportunity

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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