What are ALL the ways to make money off of TikTok?

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    Looking for all ways to monetize TikTok.


    The starting list:

    1. **Method** One: Be An “Influencer”
    2. **Method** Two: Live Streaming.
    3. **Method** Three: Promoting / Selling Your Own Ventures.
    4. **Method** Four: Amazon Referral Links.
    5. Add your YouTube Channel:
    6. Add your Instagram.
    7. Grow your account and sell it
    8. Ask for Donations
    9. Promote your Consulting gig


    Looking for more 🙂


    Bumping 🙂


    Any tips on selling accounts? I think I know how to grow accounts fast but I’m not sure what proper pricing is and where to sell them.


    Web sucks!


    Well, decide what your niche is and just make content. I feel like if the content is there, you’ll grow on tiktok. I feel like what I’ve seen work best is the Gary v method. Interact with other similar accounts that you enjoy. Give value and then here and there plug what you want to promote (follow my IG or YouTube). I mean if your only goal is to sell the account then you should target to sell within the niche you created but honestly I wouldn’t sell. If you build something great keep it and expand on it. I know some people have joined the tiktok creator fund but unless you’re kicking out viral videos like Charlie, it would be very small money gains. Going live on tiktok and having your Venmo posted is the easiest way as tiktok takes like 60% I think? I could be wrong but it’s a nice chunk. Basically if you do this and do it right, it’ll be a snowball effect and you’ll check all the boxes. Just focus more on engagement though rather than worrying about follower numbers.


    I don’t know, post your CV and get a real job?


    As an artist, when someone makes a video with your song, it’ll count as a stream as well


    Join up with a few other accounts in your niche and make a merch website that exploits that niche. if you see any traction, then invite other accounts to come in on the agreement that you take a small % of their merch.

    Ideally you own and operate the website 100% but can still make them “partners”.


    I made a tik tik to try and help boost my Instagram as I want to start a photography business but it’s just getting your stuff viewed I find difficult. It’s just sticking with what you love, post regularly and have fun. Don’t aim to make money, aim to have fun and share the experiences you have with others! I’m at neonphotographs on tiktok


    Realistically there’s no *real* money to be made if you’re only using social for that purpose. You’re not adding any value to the account because it’s being grown for the sake of growing. Real money comes from influencers or ads or services that are authentic and social is just there to help you get that message across.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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