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    Hi All, looking for advice/validation from someone more versed in SEO than I.

    I am building out a website for a brand with a unique spelling name (brand name includes two words combined in to one – “GrowWealth”). To increase and optimize google listings for this site, should I create a landing page that houses additional forms of the possible spellings someone may use when searching for this brand? (I.e. the combined brand name split – “Grow Wealth” – since people may be searching for this often) or just leave it as is and let SEO do the work?

    Thanks so much.


    Leave it as it is imo


    Without checking I can guarantee ‘Grow wealth’ is not a good local keyword. For your GMB listings to get traffic need to focus around common services like investing so: ‘ABC Grow Wealth Chicago Investment Financial Advisors’ would be a bad hypothetical name but would rank.


    Considering you are going for a brand name it can make things difficult but you can try indexing your urls on search console like ur sitemaps etc


    Google is pretty smart. It’ll probably figure it out and realize that:

    GrowWealth and

    grow wealth and


    could mean the same and will most likely match any of these queries whether you optimize for them or not.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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