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    I would just like to ask those who applied on Instagram and were successful:

    1) what info they submitted for their application?

    2) if the only file type you can upload is a photo?

    I’ve applied using a photo of my business proprietorship as well as government id, into one photo. I’ve also applied using the same things, but also asking that they check my Instagram PRESS section in my highlights for links to notability. No luck.


    I’ve been running into the same issue. I reached out to a former colleague who has an IG rep and they said that it’s kind of a crapshoot but the more you have of the below along with articles of incorporation, utility bill, etc., the better your chances.

    -Another account is acting as you and/or there is confusion upon IG’s audience which account is the real brand

    – Links of press (could be earned or placed) on the product proving clout

    – Links of verified retailers/partners promoting your product on IG (for example- Whole Foods’ account, or one of their verified fan accounts, posting about it)

    – Links of any celebs/notable figures using it, promoting it on social, etc.

    Hope this helps.


    Currently running into the same issue as well. Facebook’s even worse – the case is closed as soon as I hit the submit button I kid you not…


    How can I get a Twitter rep, because the seems to be the surest way to get verified?


    Upvoted to follow responses. I’m very curious


    Following here, same problem for months. For a company/business, did you include personal ID? Some suggest to do so even if you are applying for a business — but I’ve applied with the brand name/legal-tax documents but got rejected as well.


    I have had my account deactivated twice and successfully appealed. I have found that due to the appeal recipient being a bot, your appeal photo of you holding the image is rather important! Ensure you are holding the piece of paper with both hands (use a timer or ask someone to take it) and taken from a distance in a well lit room. Try using a marker to make your paper writings visible. And if you get pass the robot they will reply an email saying Your Account was Deactivated and they are following up! If you don’t receive that reply email, keep sending them a fresh image the next day! Hope this helps someone!


    Hi, I got verified i the last couple of years insta handle vikrampoddarcomedian.

    So my FB page was allocated a manager by Facebook before that. I had reached out for verification of the FB page but got same instructions for insta as well so went ahead. Basically they need established proof of public presence. Like TV appearances, press coverage, etc. And they make you record a video stating that you have these and a couple of other declarations. Then share the proof with links, cuttings, etc.

    That’s how I got my blue tick.

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