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    Hey guys, after a great year of increased sales, I’m looking to really scale our business. I know basically nothing about Google PPC and just need some help understanding, so I can know where and what to start researching. Will be starting with a budget of roughly 2k/per month, will be able to increase to 5 – 10k by Q4 if that is relevant info at this stage lol.

    With facebook, you have a pixel that you install on your website. From my understanding, the pixel collects valuable data about customers, so when you create an ad the pixel data will be used to put the ad in front of the right people.

    What is the “pixel” equivalent for Google? Installing Google Analytics on your website? And then that information is used by Google and myself to help target people in Google Search/Shopping etc?

    Sorry for the extremely basic/dumb question, I’m just figuring out where exactly I should start. If anyone has a recommendation for some solid learning resources I would really appreciate that.


    Correct, you’ll need to install google analytics and configure conversion tracking.



    Not exactly.
    With Google ads, there are a lot of different ways to target your audience: I (‘ll roughly explain, it goes into way more details than this.)

    1. Search: Basically you set your geographical target and language, then you add keywords, bid on those keywords , keyword match type and create ads. These ads can than be seen by users on Google result page depending if their queries match the keywords.

    2. Display: Your text and or banners can be put on other websites, you can target specific sites, but also “categories” of sites

    3. Remarketing: This is where Analytics kicks in. Analytics is basically a way to measure things on your website, and the source of traffic. In Analytics, you can build remarketing lists, based on specific actions users have performed on a site, specific source, and other combinations (users from a certain zone on mobile devices that added to cart but didb’t make a purchese,.. etc). These remarketing lists can be imported into Google Ads, abd then you can use those to create specific ads for those users in those respective remarketing lists.

    I’ts a lot more complex than that, but Google is very different than FB regarding the pixel.

    Hope this helps, if you ever need help setting up, give me a PM


    As the two posters described already, the “pixel” (which is implemented differently for AdWords) can be used for either tracking conversions (did the user send an email contact? look at particularly valuable page? etc) or it can be used for re-targeting (Google will show your ads to people who have already visited your site, they are traditionally considered more likely to convert to customers).


    Google analytics is one part. You can also add google ads conversion tracking. Either way you want to link your ads and analytics accounts . My agency is onboarding a limited number clients like you so if you’re interested in professional google ads management feel free to reach out.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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