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    I’ve been having trouble with my personal Twitter account for YEARS. (@JoPincushion) I am constantly losing followers, no matter what strategy I use. I post often, I’ve switched my frequency, and I even post a podcast episode every week–but I’ve lost about 300 followers this year, and for years my metrics have shown a steady decline that I just can’t shake.

    In 2010, I auditioned for a reality show and one of the producers must’ve bought me followers–because I woke up with 4,000 new followers one morning. I know that Twitter was cracking down on bots (which I’m sure is what most of those followers were) but I think it has done something to my account–making it impossible for me to gain new followers.

    Has anyone experienced this? Are there any tips on how I can break this curse from my personal account? Is there anyone from Twitter I could reach out to directly?

    Thanks for your help!


    I’ve just taken a look at your personal twitter, and I think the problem is this: *I don’t know what your twitter is for*.

    I mean, I’m not your target audience, but you should still have a defined purpose for your socials. I follow people who put out business and marketing insights, as well as esoteric shit and memes I’m into (I’m weird, be quiet… 🙂 )

    Going through your last few tweets, we have:

    * Ad for your podcast.
    * Complaining about Mondays.
    * Some filmy stuff
    * Some memey stuff
    * Some news commentary
    * Psych stuff
    * More memy stuff

    This is reflected in your engagement. You have 10k followers, but your tweets get basically zero engagement.

    It seems like you’re just throwing things out there, rather than having a defined plan for what your twitter is supposed to be.

    So I ask you a serious question. Who is your twitter **for**? Who would follow you, and **why**? Why should I **care** about what you have to say? Why would I follow **you**, and why should I look for **your** posts on my timeline?

    Answer this and focus up, and you’ll start getting better results


    Perhaps try and grow more of a local following? You’re in New York, it’s a big famous city, that’s interesting. Maybe start connecting with some of the active and engaged accounts that use #NYC or similar hashtags. Collab with other people doing podcasts in your area.

    The content you’re sharing on IG is way more personal, more fun, more interesting. Do that but also on Twitter, while spicing it up with retweets about things you’re into. Also? Talk more. You’re adding 1 – 3 words to things you share. Booooring. Start tossing out opinions and being yourself.

    I’d also ditch the ad banner cover photo and use a picture that means something to you.

    I go by @crackmacs as well on there. Use Twitter all day every day, love it.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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