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    I bought a udemy course for $10 bucks and so far its been very helpful, im just trying to get the big picture then drill down to specifics…

    So say i wanted to start a blog about music, would it be better to specialize in one specific genre of music or be a blog about general music?

    Also i understand that from a business perspective i need to find an opportunity in the market.. you think it would be worth it to do some research as to which types of blogs are already out there and where there could be an opening? (dumb question lol)

    but from my understanding SEO is all about doing research on competitors in a niche, then doing research on their keywords, then writing content on like the opportunities you can find within those competitors keywords..

    Also is it possible to rank any site on google?


    Yes to specializing on a niche type of music

    It sounds like part of your question is “what blog should I start?”. That expands beyond just SEO and is more of a question of “what is a good business idea”

    For that, as you said, definitely do some research. But really just see if there’s an unfulfilled niche. Are people asking the same questions on forums? Are your friends/colleagues asking similar questions? If you’re fulfilling a need for a content site that doesn’t exist, then that will likely be the first thing and SEO will follow

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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