Trying to understand if there’s anything I can do/suggest to help my girlfriend with her TikTok views

Forum White Hat SEO Social Media Trying to understand if there’s anything I can do/suggest to help my girlfriend with her TikTok views

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    My girlfriend uses TikTok, she’s mainly posts cosplay content of herself, she duets people within the cosplay communities etc, I don’t really use the app so I don’t understand all the specifics.

    Anyway, she’s got 60k followers and she puts tons of effort into her content, but lately she’s been getting 200-1000 views on most of her videos. I feel awful for her because I know how hard she tries and I know it gets her down sometimes, but I don’t really know what to suggest to her? She’s been pretty consistent in the kind of content she posts since she joined, occasionally one of her videos will spike in views but there doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to it.

    Is there anything I can do to help her? Or things I can suggest she tries? I just really want to see her succeed and feel helpless at the moment, I don’t even like the app that much but I know it makes her happy.

    Any extra info I can provide to help with advice just ask.


    Trending hashtags and trending music but that app is garbage and china spyware they let you get popular and then start killing your views it’s called chasing the dragon


    TikTok has shared some information on their algorithm and what it takes to make a video pop.

    Sadly, unless she’s half naked and bouncing around or rolling in a supercar, most don’t see much success on the platform.


    Gotta ride the wave of what’s trending. Use the trending hashtags. Use the most popular sounds. Act fast. #fyp


    Trends. Trending sounds. Hashtags. 60k is not some thing to balk at though.


    By any chance, did she sign up for creator fund or that program that pays creators?

    TikTok purposely lowers those who joined the creator fund program, so they can save money, since they pay by view count. make sure to check with her, and by any chance if she did, make her quit it. the fund isn’t worth it. it’s a couple dollars for a thousand views. she can earn more everyday by working at McDonalds than getting a video with a viewcount of 500k


    Posting some teasers of her OnlyFans might help


    Idk but I miss seeing all the cosplaying on there, it’s like they all disappeared from the platform.


    Watch time matters most so try to think of ways to keep people from scrolling on too quickly. Tell her to do some Star Wars cosplay. Star Wars is massive in the world of course but it’s trendy on tiktok right now also especially the prequel stuff


    I think on tiktok its a bit about quantity>quality and really short videos get rewatched more so maybe try to keep videos ~10sec

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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