Trying to start linkbuilding using my competitors backlinks as a starting point and it’s going bad

Forum White Hat SEO Trying to start linkbuilding using my competitors backlinks as a starting point and it’s going bad

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    I have a unique niche making custom embroidered patches. I’ve been using SEMrush to dig into my competitors to see if I could use their backlinks as a bit of a launch pad. 99.99% of the links they have aside from local news websites are garbage. One in particular dominates the industry.

    This is making it seem like finding relevant niche websites will be a lot harder than I thought. I’ve been trying to think outside the box and find websites for paintball and more masculine team activities that have regular team meet ups to steer towards the patches. 95% of my customer base is men.

    I’m extremely new to doing SEO for myself but get the basics and I’m learning and reading more every day. I will be outsourcing everything in the future, but I want to learn basic things so I can make sure who I hire is doing what they say they’re doing.

    Are there more obvious things I can be doing to find more relevant high authority sites in my niche to attempt to get backlinks from?




    Who uses patches?? Focus on the custom tee and not the product. This opens hundreds of niches. Some off the top of my head are boy scouts/Eagle Scouts, punk music, motorcycle clubs, maybe different smiths’, women looking for gifts for their partner


    What about a giveaway?

    paintball teams must post your link plus info about your giveaway in a blog post, and a picture of them or something and they enter your giveaway that way.

    You giveaway 10 patches or something like that. Whatever the pro team size is. If it was soccer it would be 11 players. Even if they are 100 members, you focus on just the team size to keep pricing fixed.

    Now you are reaching paintball teams for your giveaway, and are not looking to get backlinks. They wont be able to charge you, and you get backlinks.

    Obviously dont frame it like I did it above, talk about sportmanship and helping for X reason, and just include in the rules of your giveaway about giving a link to the giveaway, which is a backlink, but they wont know.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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