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    Facebook has been super inconsistant with us, and it just crashed around black friday when cpm’s doubled.

    I want to see if it has improved at all, and I wanted to make some adjustments.

    I usually use a very broad audience of interests, I am wondering if I should try to use the narrow option so I get a more fine tuned audience. (Thoughts?)

    I am also looking at LLA’s, I tried a look-a-like of purchasers and it didn’t do too well. Granted, the audience was a little over 100 people, so maybe it was too small a sample? Should I try a look-a-like higher up the funnel?

    For the ad creative, I was using carousels of our products mostly, but I am wondering if a still image would work better? Should I stick with carousel or try out a still image?

    I know this isn’t too much info to work with, but I am just wondering what has worked for you?


    It just seems hit and miss for me. My LLA are not working anymore. My process is just the same as yours I use carousel ads for my products then do dynamic retargeting ads. If you found success doing what you was doing before then I think you will be able to do it again. For me everything is still inconsistent but just gotta ride it out and hope things come good again. Been like this since mid way through October.


    give a try to all possible ways , so that you will not lost anything.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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