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    I’ve been running some youtube ad campaigns with varying success but one big issue I’m seeing is when I check my placements under “where ads showed” I’m seeing half or even more of the traffic coming up under “total:other” with the performance being basically non-existent. Very few clicks and no conversions in comparison to traffic which is tracked under a channel. There’s no targeting expansion or anything that I think would cause this and I did search the issue and find quite a few people with the same issue and no solution. Google support has no clue and just talks about how different targeting options show up under that.

    I wasn’t placement targeting in these campaigns but decided to take all the channels that did show up under “where ads showed” and add them as placements since performance was significantly better but after doing that I’m still seeing impressions showing up under the “total:other” tab in where ads showed with little performance. Is it just some weird reporting issue by google or does anyone know what’s going on here?


    Standard for YouTube campaigns, one of the most non-transparent channels for ads considering that pretty stark limitation in reporting. Nothing you can do about it either, no log level data or any of the Google products can help give you full visibility here.

    Only real solution which a lot of larger brands do is just run on inclusion lists of channels / videos, so at least you know exactly what you buy on but still have a reporting limitation.


    Hey, just an insight I recently found out:

    * for every $1000 spent on Facebook ads, we generated 120 organic searches (measured with search console)
    * for every $1000 spent on Youtube ads, we generated **280 organic searches**

    (the whole report on how I got those results is here: [https://lebesgue.io/2020/how-acquisition-campaigns-influence-brand-awareness/](https://lebesgue.io/2020/how-acquisition-campaigns-influence-brand-awareness/))

    bottom line: I believe in the past few months Facebook has been behaving super-weirdly and youtube is generating much more latent sales trough the organic network

    other than that I agree on youtube non-transparency


    Possibly Google partners sites?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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