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    Hello everyone! I got fortunate enough to make it to the final interview round for an SEO specialist position. I’m still quite new at SEO but I must’ve done something right since I was picked to be a finalist. Was just wondering if you guys had any advice or tips/things I can say to impress the interviewer. It would be my first real position out of college and real be life changing any advice helps thanks!


    Provide us some overview of how the interview process has been so far?

    Usually the final interviews are where the hiring manager wants to see whether you’ll be compatible with the current team and secondly how do you work under pressure, how do you stay organised (especially if its WFH position) etc. Overall you need to reconfirm whatever you claimed until now (skill and experience wise) and have a clear succinct answer why you and not someone else. It would be great to research the hiring manager in advance. 🙂

    I had once a VP, CFO and another VP interviewing me for an entry position in a department that was crucial for the success of the sales and biz dev team – I landed the position but they were like sharks and I was their prey 😂


    I’d also drive home that fact that you’re hungry and willing to learn / open to constructive feedback.

    No employer will ever knock you for saying that, and if you’ve got this far already they obviously like something about you…adding those sentiments will ease any doubts they may have and possibly put you above any other candidates.

    Good luck

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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