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    No matter when or what I post, I keep getting 0 views. Tried many different tags, uploaded various videos, etc. And it’s still 0. Why is that happening? Should I create a new account?


    What’s the link to your account?


    Have you tried with a popular sound?


    Idk what hashtags you use, but 1 trick might be to post with hashtags that people actually click on and go through and are relatively popular, not just #fyp, but for ex. #familyguy or #football


    How big is the page? My videos used to get reviewed when I posted. So they would have 0 views for 10-20 mins.


    Are u on private?


    Do you use music to popular songs?


    TikTok’s stats have always been all over the place. One minute someone has thousands of views, the next minute..nothing. I’m not saying this to be controversial but I don’t think it is even algorithm related..it’s just BS from TikTok. I don’t trust any of their data.

    And what constitutes a ‘view’ seems to change every 5 mins.


    Don’t delete just yet. Find some hashtags that apply to you and scroll and find someone you think matches with about 10-50k followers that gets decent views on their videos as a whole and duet them with the hashtags on the sound. Do that for 2 or three posts. If you still get 0 then think about it if you don’t have any following. If you do I’d try to salvage that.

    If you need more help dm me


    Might be a shadowban.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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