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    It looks like they offered me a spot in their creator fund.

    It says my earnings updates every 3 days.

    I get decent views, for instance I made a post and got 450k views.

    I’m just wondering how much will they pay, is it going to be substantial like YouTube?

    YouTube pays anywhere from $2-$4 on average per 1000 views.


    What did you do to get into this? I just hit 900K and applied, but not sure how long it will taka


    That’s pretty cool, I wonder what went wrong for you?

    Any idea how much you can make from this?

    Is it going to be peanuts or pretty substantial like YouTube?


    I was also accepted. It’s interesting how little info they provided…


    How did you apply for it? I have 100,000 followers and some of my videos get millions of views but I haven’t seen anything about it.


    Views are worth much less on Tik Tok compared to something like Youtube.

    The average Youtube video is 11-12 minutes long. The ad on it will be 15-60 seconds long. And that ad will be very targeted (watching car videos? you’ll get tire and car part ads).

    In comparison, Tik Tok videos are 5-15 seconds long on average. In an hour on tik tok I can scroll through 1000 different videos. I’ll only see an ad once every 5 minutes or so, and that too will be a few seconds long at most. They’re also not very targeted, so advertisers are paying much less to place them.

    I posted a Tik Tok video advertising a t-shirt I was selling last year. It gained almost 2 million views and yet I only sold about two dozen tees. Kinda tells you the quality of the audience on Tik Tok. I’d be surprised if they pay out more than a few cents, possibly even fractions of cents per 1000 views.


    I’m really interested to know how this works out, would you please post an update once you’ve received a payment? Thanks!


    My highest video had over 4.2 million views and last week I hit 1.2 million views. Average my videos are at least make 50k views. So I’m pretty nervous about this whole creator fund. Some people are saying it’s based on views, I really don’t know.


    Regardless of what they pay, it seems like it could payout a decent amount of money to me. I get about 1.6 million views a month with 11k followers, and if they even paid 1/10 of a penny per view, that’d be $1,600 a month. Even if it is less though, it’s better than nothing. We’ll find out soon…


    So I got 50k followers, and I may have accrued about 90k views in the last 3 days and my balance is $1.43. I wonder if reposting my older “viral” videos to get paid for all those old views I got might be the move. Any else see their balances yet?


    So, I just opened my balance today and I had 436,100 views on the 18… my balance is $13.68 … that is like .00003 per view…


    It’s around $2 for every 100k views


    I got accepted to it, I have 31k followers and I received $1.58 on the 18th for 109.2k video views. I’m waiting to see what I get for the next days to come


    For 500k views I received 12 dollars….thought it would have been more…..


    Opened my account. I received $6.90 on the 19th and had 89.8K views on that day.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 25 total)
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