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    Here’s the real kicker, y’all. You have to withdraw your funds within 30 days of the end of the month or you forfeit them, BUT you can only withdraw if you have $50. If you look at the numbers of what’s being paid- ain’t no one getting paid unless they’re raking millions of views a month. The money will just disappear.


    So I have about 14.8k followers. In two days I made $1.73 with a total of roughly 110k views on vids that are almost all 60s long.

    Basically, everything I post is original, educational content with virtually nothing used that isn’t my own. Not even music and very rarely even duet.

    Not sure if this is good. Only been on the platform 2.5months but considering focusing more on YouTube because the payouts do seem to be far more rewarding.


    TIKTOK is pretty wack with monetization


    Throwin’ in my two cents. I’ve got a little over 200k followers on my channel and when it’s slow I get about 50k – 100k views a day. I’ve been in the fund the past week, and it’s been a bit of a slow week. Each day so far I’ve gotten around 100k a day or under and I’m looking at $1.50 – $2.00 a day.

    With that being said, two days ago one of my videos hit and I’m just shy of 900k views, looking like a mil by the end of today so I’ll have to update what numbers like that will look like after the three day waiting period. In this comment thread it looks like highest reported is $12 for 500k so I’m assuming it’ll be about $20 – we’ll see! (That’s still $20 for just making french toast out of an uncrustable so not too bad I guess…)


    I don’t have any notification to join the fund in my inbox unless I’m doing something wrong? I meet all the requirements. Is the fund available to Australian creators ?


    I don’t think they ever said a clear number when it comes to how much money you earn per 1000 views, but to give you an idea I applied the day the fund opened and in the past week got 560K video views, and I earned $4 all together so far. Not as significant as YT for sure.


    Its 2 to 3 cents per 1000 views
    I just got approved as well, xemiexx on tiktok.
    Does anyone know if they count all your videos or is it just views from the day you sign up and forward?
    I have one video with 12 mil views from June. In the last month I’ve had 1.4 million views.


    Just wondering, are you eligible for tiktok’s creator fund if you just post edits (10k views and 10k followers is checked out already)?


    This is a bit late so you probably already know what it’s like at this point but yeah:

    The CPM is really low. Talking like .11 USD per 10k low. It’s definitely not a viable source of income for smaller creators like youtube CPM might be. It’s probably due to the fact that tiktok ads are far and few between. It kind of balances in out in how tiktok views are very accessible and much better in the short term than youtube views.

    It just takes so much more to get a banger on YT, twitter, insta, and the like.


    Requirements are:
    1) over 18 2) 10k followers 3) 10k views in the last 30 days.

    From what I’ve seen on other people’s tiktok about how it’s paid, it’s 2-3 cents per 1,000 view.

    To apply, you go to: Me > 3 dots in the upper right hand > creator > creator funds

    And that’s how you should be able to apply if you haven’t been invited

Viewing 10 posts - 16 through 25 (of 25 total)
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