Tiktok account went viral in 2 weeks, just accepted to Creator Marketplace, how should I set my rates?

Forum White Hat SEO Social Media Tiktok account went viral in 2 weeks, just accepted to Creator Marketplace, how should I set my rates?

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    Can’t find a lot of info on this around the web, and I need to set a rate to get my creator profile visible to work with brands, so checking in for some advice.


    May 2020, I started my Youtube channel to create some silly book-related videos and share what I’m reading. This account has done fairly well, but every video is high-production, high-effort, so it’s been a challenge to post consistently enough for the algorithm to really favor it, and it hasn’t quite taken off just yet. (Future content will be focused on book analysis and video essays.)

    November 2020, I started a Tiktok account to focus on shorter-form content that’s easy to produce quickly. My second video went viral (went to bed with 50 views, woke up with 350k!) and the account gained 1 million+ views and 30,000+ followers within 36 hours. (My content is very follow-able – the concept is “stuff I learned in books,” and in each video I cover an interesting new story or idea. The goal is that people can scroll straight through my feed and learn something new in every video.)


    As of Dec 13, 2020 my account has:
    – 35-45% avg engagement rate
    – gaining 2.5k – 10k followers per day (avg 3k-5k)
    – 2/20 videos 1M+ views
    – 6/20 videos 250k+ views
    – 14/20 videos 50k+ views
    – worst-performing videos still generally hit 10k+ views
    – handle is @erynbroughtabook

    Lots of very supportive and encouraging comments: “this is quickly becoming my favorite tiktok account” / “i always look forward to your videos!” / “calling it now, you’ll be at 1M followers by the end of January.” Video topics naturally lend themselves to discussion in the comments, which drives good engagement.

    Expecting/aiming for continued growth by posting interesting, high-quality videos at least 1x per day.


    My brand is focused on books, curiosity, learning, discovery, storytelling, and self-development. Some topics I’ve covered include psychology, philosophy, linguistics, history, perfectionism, the creative process, and space travel.

    I believe I have very sponsor-friendly content, and would love to eventually partner with publishing companies and brands like Blinkist, Book of the Month, or any brand with an angle that fits my content focus.

    I also make sure I look put-together in every video (hair, makeup, etc) and get lots of questions/comments about my glasses and hair care – both strong parts of my visual brand identity. I am hoping this opens the door to sponsorships with hair care, skin care, makeup, and glasses brands (like Zenni!), etc. My audience is 66% female.

    I would love any feedback or input on how to set appropriate, competitive rates for sponsored videos, both now and as I continue to grow. Thank you in advance!


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    My advice is to sign up for affiliate deals. I bet audible and blinkist both have affiliate programs. That’s probably the easiest way to begin monetizing quickly in a relevant way.

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